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Warm Winter Watering Tips: Evergreen Tree Care


Despite the fact that we are crossing into the new year shortly, it might still be necessary to water some of your plants and trees!

As shocking as it sounds, you may still need to water your evergreens. During mild periods in the winter, there is a good chance that the ground around your trees will not freeze. If it has froze, then you don't need to worry about watering, but if temperatures are mild and the ground still soft, you must ensure your trees, specifically evergreens, are getting enough water this winter. winter evergreen watering

The general rule of plant watering that you adhere to in spring and summer applies to the winter as well. Assuming the ground does not freeze, you should aim for 1" of water per week. Usually during the fall and winter you can get away with less water per week, but if we are experiencing mild temperatures with very little moisture it is wise to provide your trees and plants with some water.

Without enough water, your evergreens (arborvitaes especially), can dry out during mild winter weather. Be sure to check your evergreen trees for moisture and see if the ground is dry, and not yet frozen. If the ground is frozen the water will run off, but if not it will be absorbed into the soil and ensure the health of your tree this winter. A water-starved evergreen can dry out in the winter, making it very difficult to recover in the spring. A simple moisture check can help save your evergreens during mild winters.

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I have always wanted to prune my trees. I guess that I didn't really know when the best time to prune is, but I will try doing it soon. I need to prune so that my trees don't encroach on my neighbors yard.
Posted @ Monday, March 23, 2015 9:04 PM by regina
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