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Rose Bush Care: Tips for the Fall


Follow these tips for fall rose bush care to ensure beautiful, healthy roses next spring.

There are many tasks that need to be completed in order to bring your roses through the winter. Effort invested now will be rewarded next spring as beautiful rose blossoms pop up.

The following tips can help your rose bushes survive this winter and thrive next spring:

  • Roses is pots should be brought into a cold, dark place, but kept out of the snow and elements. A garage will work perfectly.rosh bush pink
For roses that are not in pots, we recommend the following:
  • Rose canes should be cut back to around 12"
  • Mound up the base of roses with soil or mulch to prevent roots from freezing
  • Wrap delicate roses in burlap with straw for added protection against drying and frigid winds.
  • Lastly, ensure that they are watered thoroughly before the ground freezes.

These tips will help your beautiful roses make it through the harsh New England winter. To learn more about rose bush care, and other plant health care, please call 877-308-8733 or request a free consultation with a plant health specialist.



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