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Heat Up Your Backyard with a Stone Fire Pit

Cozy Up to an Outdoor Fire Pit

Bring the warmth and fun of a campfire to your backyard with a stone fire pit. A Carpenter Costin fire pit is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a safe place for your family and friends to gather and cook over an open fire in the comfort of your own yard.

We build all of our fire pits with underground drainage to avoid water accumulation when you douse fire for safety. This drainage also allows fire pit not to fill with water in winter so they remain durable and permanent and will add an exciting and beautiful feature to any property.

Give us a call and find out how you can heat up your backyard on chilly evenings with a cozy fire pit. 877.308.8733. or email us at

Fall Tree and Shrub Pruning Guide


Protect your trees with maintenance pruning

As the leaves drop and the gardening season winds down, smart folks know it’s time to perform maintenance pruning on their trees.

Maintenance pruning improves the health and beauty of your plants by removing undesirable branches. These branches:

  • Overhang walkways, parking areas or buildings
  • Block lighting and utility lines
  • Rub against buildings
  • Interfere with other branches
  • Have been heavily damaged by insects and disease

Pruning these problem branches will make your tree less prone to storm damage, more structurally sound and safer.

Maintenance pruning may also include the shaping of your trees. This pruning procedure is used to shape and maintain the crown size and even reduce the size of your tree to keep it at a size that works best in your landscape. A healthy tree can be reduced in size by up to 1/3 without endangering its health.

All pruning should be done by someone with the training and skills of a certified arborist. A trained arborist has the knowledge of tree physiology, proper pruning procedures and can take care of your trees without endangering their health. Improper pruning can weaken your tree and make it more susceptible to insect infestation, disease and structural failure.

After careful examination and evaluation, a certified arborist will advise you what would best serve your trees’ needs. In addition to pruning, they may suggest that support cables be added to improve weak branch unions. Tree cabling is commonly needed in large, older trees.

Don’t wait until winter winds have damaged your trees. Call now to arrange a complimentary evaluation and assessment, (877) 308-8733 or email us at 

Time to Lime Your Lawn

The best time to apply lime is in the fall, as it breaks down slowly and is absorbed very slowly.

Most homeowners understand that applications of lime to the home lawn are necessary to maintain a high quality lawn. Few individuals, however, have a complete understanding of why lime is applied, how to determine if liming is needed and how to apply lime to the lawn. Also, most homeowners are not aware of the potential negatives of creating a pH too high by excessive application of lime.

Lime is applied to the lawn’s soil to increase its pH level. Soil pH, a measure of the soil's acidity or alkalinity, governs the availability of many soil nutrients and can directly influence the vigor and quality of the home lawn. When the pH is below 7, the soil is said to be acidic; when above 7, it is alkaline. For turfgrasses used in local lawns, a soil pH between 6 and 7 (slightly acidic) is ideal. PH levels that are too high (8+) will have the same effect as a pH level that is too low.

When the soil pH drops below 6, a number of nutrients necessary for proper growth become less available for use by the turfgrass plant. As nutrients become less available, the lawn's color, vigor and ability to resist or recover from heat, drought or traffic stress will be reduced. Applications of lime to raise the soil pH above 6 can increase the availability of these nutrients, making it easier to maintain the quality and vigor of your lawn.

New England soils tend to be naturally acidic. Factors that contribute to acidic soils are the breakdown of rock, the prevalence of pine trees and acid rain. A yearly maintenance application of lime is recommended. Testing the pH of your soil and application of an adjustment quantity of lime is ideal.

For more information on liming and care of your lawn, please give us a call at (877) 308-8733 or contact us through our website at

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